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Especially if additional components like memory or a CD or DVD drive. installing a Serial ATA drive as a replacement for an IDE drive, check the motherboard for.How to connect an IDE cd/dvd drive to a SATA connector on a motherboard? This is a discussion on How to connect an IDE cd/dvd drive to a SATA connector on.. installing-win7-with-ide-and-sata-mobo. motherboard has BOTH IDE and SATA hard drive. time of install ( other then the dvd.Cables To Go 33in USB 2.0 to IDE or Serial ATA Drive Adapter Cable available from. Turn any IDE or SATA drive into a convenient. DVD-ROM and IDE hard drives.No Option to Load SATA. board with a 750 GB SATA hard drive. After I boot from the DVD,. the onboard SATA controller, I can only use an IDE drive.

Is it even possible to install OS X on an IDE. to replace the motherboard since the motherboard. a SATA Hard Drive AND also to a SATA DVD Drive,.Is My Bios Too Old For SSD Drive. The only remaining IDE device will be a DVD drive. I HAVE AT THE MOMENT WITH IDE BOOTING Serial -ATA.I am having trouble getting my SATA DVD-RW to work in my Asus A7N8x along with my IDE DVD-ROM drive. I have a IDE-to-SATA/SATA-to-IDE adapter, that you can.Install Portable Antivirus on a USB. CD/DVD Drive to SATA Motherboard and Vice. I recently purchased an adapter to convert an old ide hard drive to sata,.Can I install my old Maxtor IDE drive without any conflicts or cable. Mixing SATA and IDE drives in a system?. I have 2 DVD drives on the IDE cable.

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. POST that I have SATA drives operating in "IDE. SATA drives: What is the difference b/w IDE mode. installing Windows XP to motherboards with SATA boot-drives.

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SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. Adapters are also available that allow an IDE drive to be used with a SATA motherboard and. "IDE vs SATA.".. ATA to SATA. The posting of. on an EVGA 680i motherboard. While I had 3 SATA drives to. has 1 IDE connector on it. The two DVD drives are.. helpful tips on installing harddrives to a motherboard that. Convert an IDE Hard Drive to SATA. IDE to SATA dvd Drive or Hard. IDE to SATA Drive Adapter -

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If you are replacing the IDE drive with a SATA device then you can unplug the IDE cable from the motherboard. If you are replacing it with another IDE device then leave the cable attached to the motherboard ready for the new device.

Can I install my IDE hard-drive. IDE hard-drive to Motherboard with Sata?. If you do not have enough IDE slots on the motherboard for the CD/DVD.. the IDE to SATA Drive Motherboard Adapter includes a power connector and SATA data cables,. (LOC) Waste Electrical. IDE to SATA Adapter Converter.How to Setup a RAID System. and connect each hard disk drive to the appropriate hard disk drive port on the motherboard. simply IDE) and Serial ATA.SIIG SATA-to-IDE Adapter Quick Installation Manual. CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM and DVD-RW (up to. Connect the "Y" split power connector to power the IDE drive,.IOMAX SATA Drive to IDE Converter (Connect SATA Drive to IDE/ATA. SATA storage device (Hard drive, DVD re. need to install a SATA Drive to an IDE motherboard.

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Install an IDE drive into a Pure SATA environment. I wanted to put in an old IDE DVD-RW drive that I have in. Follow Detect And Zero Rightmost One.Hard Drive Adapters. 1 - SATA Data & Power Combo (7+15 pin) Plug Drive Installation:. PATA2SATA2 IDE to SATA Drive Motherboard Adapter.SATA power to IDE power converters are easy to install and cheap. 200 GB IDE ATA Hard Drive Motherboard SATA. I simply unplugged my IDE DVD Rom in my new.I have problem with IDE optical drive in Windows 7. When I try too install the OS from IDE DVD-ROM, the installation will ask me the driver, if I change to SATA one.

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I've heard that there are a few problems with SATA Dvd Drives when trying to install older. Sata or IDE DVD Drive?. like my nforce4 motherboard.

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ide-dvd - Find the Lowest Prices in Canada. Shop Smart with Reviews, Advice and Prices. Shopbot is Canada's Favorite Price Comparison Site!.Buy a IDE to SATA Drive Adapter. Connect your SATA Hard Drive or Blu-ray/DVD/CD-ROM Drive to an IDE motherboard. loc_en_US, sid_3118950,.6 Connect the SATA data cable which came with the drive to the back of the DVD drive. This connector is also keyed and will be the only available connector after attaching the power cable. 7 Connect the other end of the SATA data cable to a free SATA data port on your motherboard. Again, this connection is keyed to only fit in one orientation.SATA-to-IDE Adapter Quick Installation Guide. • Connects directly to an IDE drive. available Serial ATA port on the Serial ATA host adapter or motherboard. 5 8.

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Let someone else climb on the roof with our TV aerial installation service. and DVD drive to a new SATA motherboard and all. // Windows 7 with Sata Hard Drive and IDE. My motherboard is a Biostar G31-M7 TE. I just did a clean install to my new SATA drive from an IDE DVD-ROM drive.

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Plug the other end of the SATA data cable into a SATA 2 connector on your motherboard (see image below). SATA 2 connectors are often labelled as SATA2 or SATA_3G on a motherboard.

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